Chinese garden has played a very important role throughout the development of Chinese society ever since the earliest dynasty.

Yuyuantan Park-Beijing Garden & Park

Yuyuantan Park has been a famous recreational destination which located at the northwestern part of Beijing city ever since Jin Dynasty (1115-1234). Since those early ages, the surrounding of Yuyuantan Park had already fulfilled the requirements of people who pursued peacefulness during that period of time. It also served as a famous spots for fishing for a long time. Some modifications had been made during Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Water from Xiangshan (Fragrant Hill) was brought in for the purpose of perfecting the entire late/lake system of Yuyuantan Park. As a result, the beautiful environment had soon turned to be the home for birds and ensured this piece of land to become a lively and breathtaking environment. beijing yuyuantan park
This park was officially named as Yuyuantan Park by the authority of Beijing in 1960. After that, many constructions as well as projects were taken place here in order to outcome with a better environment here. Finally, it has completely changed from an old style historical garden to be a modern multi-purpose recreational park in Beijing. Anyway, as there is not much historical buildings and creations left in this park, it is graded as a triple A tourist attractions only.
beijing yuyuantan parkYuyuantan Park has occupied an area of 136.69 hectares with width 1,820 meters and length 1,106 meters. Moreover, the large water surface which covers an area reaching 61 hectares in the most attracted selling point here. Nevertheless, the park is added with greenery landscape which is as high as 95% of the total compound. The total area of plantation including lawn has reached 74.44 hectares. Many rare species of botanic can be found here. Thus, is also served as a valuable destination for researchers other than being a recreational park.
The major attractions in Yuyuantan Park are consisted of Cherry Blossom Garden located at western part of the park; Yinshui Lake at the northern part, Zhongshan Island on the southern part, and Liuchun Garden at the eastern of the park. Yuyuantan Park is enriched with natural hills as well as partially human-made river and lake system. Not much large scale projects were carried out here throughout the history. The short development history of this park has ensured the park to remain its original environment naturally. This sense of nature is seldom found in the ancient imperial city of Beijing. beijing yuyuantan park
The Cherry Blossom Garden which is located at the northwestern part is one of the most popular scenic spots in Yuyuantan Park. This garden was established in 1989 and designed under a very typical concept of “Garden in a Garden”. The garden is set in such a way that a hill situated in between of the park in an east-west axis and surrounded by complex water system. The garden with a total area of 25 hectares is well decorated with greenery and flowing streams. On the other hand, Yuyuantan Park is famous with organizing Cherry Blossom Festival during spring season annually. The Cherry Blossom Garden houses over 2000 species of Cherry Blossom is highlighted during this festival. Thus, enjoying breathtaking scenery of Cherry Blossom has become one of the most favorite activities among the locals. Besides, the beauty of Cherry Blossom also attracts many flower lovers as well as photographer nation wide to take part in this festival.
beijing yuyuantan parkOn the eastern part of Yuyuantan Park lies the Liuchun Garden which was built in 1983. The garden with a total area of 16.3 thousand square meters is designed with a wide lawn which surrounded by trees and pavilions. Moreover, the garden is enriched with colorful flora which flowering has therefore ensured this park to be a wonderful place for relaxing throughout the years.
Zhongshan Island is located at the southwestern part of Yuyuantan Park, a sloping area in between of Bayi Lake and West Lake. In fact, it is not an island but a ridge with length about 800 meters and width 80 meters. It is not a naturally formed ridge but is an accumulation of unused soils from rivers and lakes excavation projects throughout the history. Since it lies across two lakes, it was given name as Zhongshan Park which can be directly translated as hill in the center. In early 90’s, a large scale of renovation was taken place in order to improve its overall topography as well as to increase its own value of visit. 

There is a lake named Yinshui Lake which silently lied at the northeastern part of Yuyuantan Park. In previous year, it used to be a reserved area for forest. However, due to the development of the park throughout the years, this area is soon encountered a large scale of transformation. Although the construction for this area has yet to be completed, the potential of this area has overseen by the people especially for those who are seeking to get closer to the nature.