Chinese garden has played a very important role throughout the development of Chinese society ever since the earliest dynasty.

Beijing Garden Brief Introduction

Chinese garden has played a very important role throughout the development of Chinese society ever since the earliest dynasty. The Chinese gardens can be considered as the treasure of arts and architecture of ancient civilization. Moreover, the discovery of the Chinese ancient gardens or courtyards has contributed a lot for the historians to study the characteristics, behaviors as well as thinking of the Chinese ancestors. It was found that as it imperial courtyard had been constructed among the Chinese society ever since the Zhou Wu Dynasty.
temple of sunThe culture of constructing Chinese garden had largely influenced by the religious thinking as well as the beauty of arts, paintings and poems. The design of Chinese garden is basically based on the natural mountains and river system which later added with artificial constructions like palace, corridors, towers and pavilions. At the same time, the surrounding will be designed according to their natural given advantages while integrated with social minds of the entire dynasty when the garden was built.
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The status of gardens can be divided into two parts which is the imperial garden and private courtyard. The imperial garden was designed and built as a retreat for royal families. The gardens out of this type is generally covered a very huge area, with a lot of natural scenery. At the same time, the architecture within the garden will be designed strictly according to the building standard for imperial architecture. The most well known imperial garden in Beijing is the Summer Palace and Beihai Park Beijing. On the other hand, the private courtyard is basically dedicated for the ministers and wealthy businessmen. The most significant differences of private courtyard are smaller sizes, dotted with artificial mountains and rivers as well as smaller building structure. The famed examples of private courtyard include Prince Gong's Mansion in Beijing, Yu Garden in Shanghai and Zhuozheng Garden in Suzhou.
temple of earthThe garden is basically referred to a piece of land which was developed purposely either for retreat of residences or artificial scenic area. Normally, the garden will be developed on a piece of land with some natural attractions like mountains or lakes. Then, the selected site will be added with manmade artificial creations like towers, pavilions as well as uniquely designed landscapes. The Park is an ideal destination for recreation during leisure time. Yuyuantan Park, Longtanhu Park and Taoranting Park are some of the most popular gardens in Beijing.